The Maine Oyster Festival

Visitors flock to Maine from around the globe to enjoy our world class seafood, and Maine oysters are no exception. Celebrate this tasty and environmentally critical bivalve with us in Freeport on June 23-25, 2023 for our second annual celebration of Maine oysters.

There are now more than 150 oyster farms dotting Maine’s 3,500 mile long coastline. Oysters grow slowly in Maine’s cold waters, and that gives them more time to soak up the flavors in their home waters. Differences in the food they eat as well as the temperature and salinity of the water produce a wide variety of flavor characteristics from farm to farm. The Maine Oyster Festival celebrates oysters and the people who farm them from up and down the entire Maine coast!

While we are busy planning for 2023, we’ve left up the listings of participants from our inaugural celebration to give you an idea of what to expect at our second annual festival. Check back in Spring for 2023 festival details but be sure to reserve your room, campground site or favorite vacation rental now! (Maine)

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